CEO and Founder
Professional Education

  • Bachelor in Physical & Health Education (Toronto University) – 1986
  • Bachelor of Laws (University of Wolverhampton) – 1994
  • Certificate in Legal Practice – 1996
  • Certified HDRF Trainer – 2016
  • Certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming (Level 1) 2021 

As the Senior Partner at Messrs. Gibb & Co Advocates & Solicitors in Ipoh, he has 27 years in Industrial relations litigation. In that time, he has seen why Companies have faulted at the Industrial Court. Since then he has become passionate about training, and assist companies in developing it HR compliance to weather any storm! 

He believes in Employee engagement from the recruiting and on-boarding exercise, performance management and also separation albeit termination, mutual separation or even retrenchment as all these processes require a level of documentary compliance. 

Sports and fitness plays an integral part of his life as he is part of 2 cycling charities in South East Asia which focuses on healthcare as well as education as a means of improving the quality of life for the under-privileged. From his experience, he has written his own leadership module which is entirely ‘off the text book’ to helping Mangers and individuals being better versions of themselves. 



HR Consultant & Trainer
Director and Founder of TSW Consultancy & Management Sdn Bhd

Professional Education

  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Warwick – 2016
  • Master in Business Administration (Wawasan Open University) – 2011
  • Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (University New Castle Upon Tyne) – 2001

Dr. Adeline Tham is an independent Trainer and Consultant. With  24 years of corporate experience and specializes in Human Resources practice, ranging from Regulatory changes, Talent Management and Acquisition, HR Audit & Due Diligence, Organisational Restructuring as well as the full spectrum of HR operational procedures. Her expertise have benefitted many home grown companies and as well as multi-nationals. 

Throughout her tenure, she has involved herself in people development through learning training in addition she helps organization diagnose business challenges by leveraging on the Company’s man power and providing targeted solutions. 

In addition to the above, she believes in corporate wellness and also the importance of mental wellness of mangers and employees. 

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