Industrial Relations Act 2 (2)

Organisational excellence – The 15 steps to effective change

Critical Issues Facing Companies:

  • Companies are not Walking the Talk on organisational change and excellence

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The foundation of this program is based on the success of the New Zealand All Blacks. In the arena of sporting excellence, the All Blacks are the benchmark for organisational change. Not afraid to make changes when it is necessary and always asking the hard questions as to what needs to be done to effect change

Day 1.

  1. Identifying & addressing the challenges in our organisation
  2. What do we understand about character
  3. How do we adapt
  4. How do we find our purpose
  5. Creating responsibility
  6. How do we instill learning
  7. ‘for the strenght of the pack is in the wolf and the strength of the wolf is in the pack’

Day 2

  1. What are the expectations with organisational change
  2. How do we prepare for this change
  3. Coping with pressure
  4. Being authentic
  5. What is sacrifice
  6. Languaging for the greater good
  7. Creating rituals
  8. Creating the future
  9. Adding to the legacy
  • Leadership and accountability by every employee.
  • Building character
  • Creating Ownership, Accountability, Purpose, Responsibility & create the Willingness to Learn
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