RedOne group of Companies (3)

Empowering & upskilling managers in the hr process in their organisations.

Critical Issues Facing Companies:

  • Managers lacking knowledge & skill in employee engagement
  • Inability to effectively address Misconduct, Tardiness & Absenteeism issues
  • Substantial pay-outs in employee compensation

Back2Basics Consultants training solutions

  • A review of your company handbook to deal with current issues
  • A review of Company HR processes
  • Customised program to meet companies needs
  1.  Introduction – the changes in the Malaysian employment arena and why we need to engage our employees
  2.  Case Study No.1 & 2 – The challenges faced by Organisations.
  3.  The essence of Departmental leadership
  4.  Basics of the Employment Act & key areas of dispute.
  5.  Managing Performance and Misconduct
  6.  Addressing Sexual Harassment
  • Reduce payouts at the Employment courts
  • Raising Managers skill & knowledge in HR processes.
  • Managers acquiring basic skills of coaching and leadership
  • Creating the synergy between Managers and HR in dealing with issues of Misconduct, Tardiness & Absenteeism
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