Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers Perak chapter (1)

The domestic inquiry

Critical Issues Facing Companies:

  • HR’s & senior management who are tasked with conducting an inquiry lack the sufficient experience
  • Substantial pay-outs in compensation for failure to conduct a proper inquiry

Back2Basics Consultants training solutions

  • A comprehensive investigative process
  • Using litigation experience to teach the art of examination in chief & cross examination and pre-empting surprises by witnesses
  1.  Understanding the Objectives of a Domestic Inquiry and the legal requirements
  2.  The rule of Natural Justice
  3.  The DI procedure – the preliminaries
  4.  The DI procedure – conducting of the Inquiry
  5.  Review of performa letters and reports which are to be used in relation to the Domestic Inquiry
  • Raising awareness on the legal requirements of a proper domestic inquiry
  • Learning the proper procedure and the punishments which follow at the conclusion of the inquiry
  • Strategies on information and fact gathering
  • Knowing the questions to ask during Examination of Witnesses
  • Preparation for the Inquiry through witnesses and the documentary process.
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