Critical Issues Facing Companies:

  • 15% of the working age adults live with a mental disorder.
  • RM14. 46 billion was the estimated cost of mental health issues in the workplace to the Malaysian economy in 2018.
  • Without effective support, mental disorders can affect a person’s confidence, identity and capacity to work productively.
  • Causing high absenteeism, presentism,  workplace errors and poor decision makings.
  • Organisations face negative impacts on productivity, revenue, and profitability.

Back2Basics Consultants training solutions

  • Create awareness of the importance of understanding mental health and wellbeing.
  • Strategies increasing roles and responsibilities of employers in  employees wellbeing.
  • Create policies and guidelines to promote  and support workplace mental health and wellbeing.

Day 1

 Introduction to Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Definition of mental health and mental illness – WHO
  • An overview of types of mental illnesses, causes, treatment and care
  • Stigma and barriers in assessing mental health care
  • Impact on employees, family, social and work life
  • Recognising general signs and symptoms
  • Work related mental health conditions
  • Identifying and managing stress and burn out
  • Building resilience and self-care to improving mental health

Day 2

Strategies to Improving Workplace Mental Health Wellbeing 

  • Financial implications on organisations
  • Impact of – Mental Health Act and Persons with Disabilities Act on employers and employees
  • Employers role in employees wellbeing – Duty of care
  • Establishing a sustainable support system to identify concerns and promote mental health and wellbeing at work
  • Creating a workplace mental health champion
  • Strategically codesigning and implementing policies and guidelines for mental wellbeing

Course objective

  • To address the barriers and lack of awareness of workplace mental health and wellbeing for employers and employees.
  • To help employers to implement and promote better mental health and provide support for those experiencing poor mental health in their workplaces.
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