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Employee engagement & discipline in workplace
(2-day public program)

Critical Issues Facing Companies:

  • The lack of the appropriate documentary process to deal with Employee Engagement.
  • Pay-out in compensation to an employee for failure to follow procedure.
  • Company inability to effectively address Misconduct, Tardiness & Absenteeism issues.

Back2Basics Consultants training solutions 

  • Create templates on the essential documentary process for Appraisals, Performance Improvement plan & Progressive Discipline Procedure
  • Strategies in raising the level of ownership responsibility  among Managers

Day 1 of Training

  1.  Introduction – Employee engagement & discipline in workplace
  2.  Overview on the amendments of Act 177 to the Industrial Relations Act 1967.
  3.  The function of HR and the Manager in managing employees.
  4.  Using the terms of employment in the Employment Act & the Contract of Employment to manage the employees.
  5.  The key factors to an employee performance
  6.  Role Play session
  7.  The key strategies in managing employees.
  8.  Addressing Sexual Harassment

Day 2 of Training

  1.  Understanding the Objectives of a Domestic Inquiry and the legal requirements
  2.  The rule of Natural Justice
  3.  The DI procedure – the preliminaries
  4.  The DI procedure – conducting of the Inquiry
  5.  Case Study and Role Play sessions 1
  6.  Case Study and Role Play sessions 2
  • 2 day public program
  • To address the vacuum in companies current documentary processes.
  • HR strategies to make managers accountable for their departments
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