01 Aug 2017

Throwback to August 2017.The training that started it all. 1 day training for Hume's many divisions. Empowering the managers and at the same time empowering myself. Every training module is a living document, which evolves over time. As much as there are takeaways for participants, there is also takeaways for me on how to improve the module so that it raises the value of an organisatio...

01 Feb 2017

Training on Challenges in Retrenchment & Termination ( A Legal perspective) In the current economic climate, Companies are quick to initiate right-sizing exercises without contemplating the fall-out when procedures are not adhered to. The aim of the training was to highlight pitfalls by Companies and the Court's approach to a poorly executed separation exercise and the difficulty fac...

01 Sep 2016

Big changes are coming in Malaysian employment laws. Been preparing companies for this since 2016, many of whom are still not prepared.

The amendments will accelerate employee claims at the Industrial Court and companies have lost the benefit of preparation with these amendments and should be ready to prove their case even before a decision is made to dismiss an employee