03 Mar 2020


TRAINING ON THE 7th & 8th April 2020

As you might be aware the amendments to the Industrial Relations Act 1967 comes into force in the next 3 months and also the Employment Act 1955 (by year end).

All companies will have new challenges in employee engagement which they need to be prepared for.

I am aware of the challenges you face from your immediate superior and also your non-HR Managers, which I summarise them as follow:-

What are the challenges face by HR on a daily basis?

  • Bosses who do not listen;
  • Having to bear the brunt of incompetent managers who take misconduct, indiscipline and poor performance lightly and into their own hands without knowing the law or informing HR;
  • Being left in the ‘dark’ until the 11th hour and when things get out of hand then HR is brought in to resolve the problem.

Ask yourself….with the amendments to the IRA 1967 is your Company really prepared?

The harsh reality on how the amendments will affect Employers….

  1. As the HR Ministers reference has been abolished and now all cases are now going to trial if they are not resolved.  Are the HR ready to go thru the rigors of trial;
  • Are employers prepared to pay interest of up to 8% on its Awards and Backwages of more than 24 months is awarded for prejudicing unionised employees;
  • An employee will not accept any offer from the company in lieu of going to trial during the conciliation stage;
  • The employer needs to pay the award sum notwithstanding an Appeal has been he has filed as  an appeal does not operate as a stay of execution:
  • Travel ban imposed on Directors for not paying the Award sum. 
  • RM 50,000-00 fine imposed by the Court for non-compliance with the Award.  

Please feel free to contact me here or via Whatsapp ( +6012 516 2687)so I can send you the detailed outline as well as the participant registration form for your HRDF claim


  • Overview of the amendments to the IRA and how it will affect your company.
  • The strategic relationship between HR & Management

Case study on 2 cases where Managers without knowledge have acted contrary to HR knowledge and got the Company into trouble

  • How do we know and employee is right? The recruitment process
  • The essential sections of the EA which every manager should know and how they are to use the different tools ( Appraisals, PDP & PIP) to manage employees along with the key cases
  • Key cases will be used to show mistakes made by the companies when overlooking absenteeism & probation periods
  • I will stress on the Company’s appraisal & PIP Process and the implication of non-adherence
  • Role play to show the importance of the documentary process & the challenges faced by HR.
  • Strategies and steps when there has been an issue of misconduct or tardiness in the Department and the Managers role in the documentary process and process flow with HR
  • Sexual Harassment and the implication on Managers. A close review of the Tabung Haji case where manager was held personally liable

Day 2

  • Is an inquiry crucial in proving our case at the Industrial Court/Labour Department
  • Latest trends and the documentary process and work-flow towards the inquiry
  • The investigation process
  • Investigation for misconduct & sexual harassment with case studies
  • The Domestic Inquiry procedure
  • Formulating questions for Examination in chief and cross examination
  • Real case scenarios and participants will look into the investigation process
  • Formulating the questions for Examination in chief and cross-examination
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